Doggie Diary

The following links are to stories about my experiences or those of my friends or coworkers, how they were handled and what the outcome is or was.  As pet owners we often learn by trial and error and unfortunately we have to learn as we go.  Depending on our prior knowledge and the quality of veterinary care we can get or can afford, our experiences differ.  That is one reason I try to put as much home remedy information as I can in my blogs and also to give detailed information about what I discovered and treated with my dogs.  In many cases I had to go in circles for a while, spending a lot more than necessary, until I got a vet that understood the problem and found a solution.  My stories, I hope, help people get right to the heart of the problem and avoid any delays that I had to encounter first.


As pet owners we feel terrible when we make mistakes or just don’t know.  But there’s a million things that can be wrong with our pets and they can’t talk to us so we’re left to fumble in the dark a lot of the time.  If I can ever help someone figure something out based on my own experiences, I’m happy to help.  If you have a story that you would like to add, please enter it in the comments section of this page and let me know if its okay for me to post it as a link in my blog.  Information is power and the more we all know, the happier our pets will be.  Thanks!


Monk is my 8 year old boxer who (although it may not seem it from the list below) has been a very happy and healthy boxer overall.  He has been raised on 100% organic, all natural food and initially filtered water and in the last 2 years, strictly distilled water.  I only use natural and non-toxic cleaners in my house and soy candles to avoid airborne carcinogens.

Boxers are the most cancer prone of all AKC breeds so I make every effort to keep chemicals out of their lives and YET I still have battled the dreaded C-WORD!