Animal Stories


There are stories about animals every day that range from touching, to inspiring to infuriating. I’m not a fan of the infuriating ones but its never the animals that make me mad.  Its the bad owners that get me seeing red. I could never be an “animal cop” because I’m sure I would be unable to walk away from a suffering animal because the “law” says I can’t get involved yet…

That being said, most of these stories have major “awwwwww,” “LOL,” “OMG” and “That’s Soooo nice” factors. So no worries. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I do. I pass along a story as I heard it and the pictures that go with it if there are any. The origin of the stories is difficult to discern but if I know it, I’ll share it in the blog. Links to the stories are listed below: