How Big Is the Ferret Nation Cage?

 Ferret cages! Ferret cages are the homes to ferrets that are not only cozy and comfortable but also provide a secure atmosphere to your ferret so that they can live with utmost serenity and peace. There are many types of ferret cages that are available in the wide world market. These cages can be small, can be large, simple or multistory, expensive or cheap and for that matter anything. But amidst all these cages the question which races in the minds of ferret owners at all the times that which is the best cage for ferret to accommodate the carnivorous pretty pet. In this article, we shall discuss some of the ferret nation cages and also some other types of cages that make one of the best cages to keep your furry friend.

A guide to the nation cage comparison

How Big Is the Ferret Nation Cage?

The ferret nation cages are one of the amazing options for ferret living but also with the diversity of models that it exhibits it can be difficult for first-time owners to pick one. Thus to solve this below described are some of the ferret nation cages with all the specifications so that you do not have much hindrance in choosing what is best for your ferret. The older models that are 141, 142 and 143 have been majorly improved and sold by many retailers online and otherwise. Though the choice can be bewildering with the much-needed help the decision will become a little less exhaustive.

 The and improved models:

Below mentioned are some of the new and improved models of the ferret nation cages.

The Ferret nation 181: 

This is a single level cage that is perfect to accommodate 1 to 2 ferrets. The size of this cage is about 3 inches X 3 inches from the top and 6t bottom and about 25 inches and weighs around 56 pounds. Also, a fleece ramp is provided for the comfort of your ferret and also this cage can be assembled with just a screwdriver and also with the help of a hammer. The price range is from $140 to $150.

The ferret nation 182:  

This is a double level cage that has the capacity to house around 3 to 4 ferrets. This cage comes with fleece covers for 3 ramps and has measurements noted as 64 inches from top and bottom. The width and depth of the cage are 3 inches and 25 inches respectively. The total weight of this cage lays around 90 to 93 pounds. The pricing of this cage estimates to a total of around $260 to $280.

The ferret nation 183:  

This is an additional extra add on the cage that comes with an addition to the 18 and the 181 models. This is an extension cage that you can need without a requirement to buy a new one. Its ramp is about inches tall and around 3 inches wide. Also, the depth is around 25 inches in depth. The weight of this cage is around 41 pounds. This nation cage costs around $110 to $120 online. This cage also has compatibility with ferret nation 141 and 142 cages respectively.

The old types:

How Big Is the Ferret Nation Cage?

Below mentioned are some old types of cages that you can opt to if you like the more retrogressive and original look.

The Ferret nation 141:

This is the original single level Ferret cage that was invented. Though the drawback is that this cage can no longer be bought new but can anyways be bought used. The ferret nation 141 can be deemed similar to 181. But the 181 version is more modeled and redesigned plus is safer along with the incorporation of fleece ramps which were not present in the141 models.

The ferret nation 142:

This cage was the original double-level ferret cage. The only difference between the 14 and the 182 models is that the 182 is more easy to assemble and has more elaborate shelves as compared to the 142 models. Also, an additional fleece ramp is a bonus.

The ferret nation 143:

Similar to the 183 additional unit the ferret nation 143 is an additional unit to the ferret nation 141 and 142 units. This model can be used in addition to the 141 and the 142 units however this cannot be used with the newer 180 range models since they are more developed than the original versions.

Thus it can be said that as far as the nation cages are considered the 180 range of nation cages can be termed as the best cages for ferrets.  

Some other good cage types

How Big Is the Ferret Nation Cage?

Though the nation cages are the most popular there are also some other cages that are very popular among the ferret owners. Those cages are briefly described below:

  • The Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage: this is a big toned cage which is practically the biggest or the largest. This has 2 doors attached to its outer body. The cage is big enough and hence very roomy. The cage is very safe since it has a lock and key mechanism of a hostage. Also, three-stage movement shelves are created for easy and full movement of the ferret around the cage. In addition, playing sacks and toy storage racks are also provided. This cage is ideal for the pretty furry jumpy ferret pets.
  • The Kaytee My First Home Deluxe: this is one of the most attractive cages with incredible facility provision. This is a multistory et house with the provision of exiting playing equipment and the backdrop of an adventure for a happy and peaceful stay. There are 3 shelves attached and also playful accessories are attributed to this cage. There is almost a 1-inch space between the placement of each bar thus making it pretty spacious for the little fella to climb and play upon. Also for the safety of these furry ferrets, the safety equipment is installed and the cages are made from good quality not hazardous materials.

To conclude it can be hence said that nation cages are one of the best cages for ferret keeping with lots of facility provision however there are also some other cage types that can be considered if diversity is wanted.