Disney in Real Life

This could be the original Bambi and Thumper friendship we all grew up loving. 
Animal photographer Tanja Askani took these pictures of a fawn and a rabbit who became unlikely friends.  Tanja posts her photographs online at http://www.fotocommunity.de.  A friend sent me the photos you see attached here. 
The story goes (as far as I can tell) that the fawn was orphaned and it was raised in a rural town.  The whole story can be read at http://www.tanja-askani.de/info/?p=18 if, of course, you can read German.  Anyway, one day a rabbit joined the fawn and they became a constant duo to the point that the rabbit made a nest where the fawn slept instead of burrowing below ground which is the natural nesting habits of rabbits.  Speculation is that the rabbit joined the fawn because it made finding food easier.
Although the ending is not “sad” as far as sad endings go, as the fawn grew up it was ready to be released back into the wild.  The fawn was tranquilized for easier handling and the very last picture is of the rabbit sitting next to its tranqulized friend just before it was taken away to its new home.  I wish they could have taken the rabbit with the fawn.  Something tells me that friendship would have traveled and probably would have made the fawn’s transition into a new home easier.  Its hard to say.  Nature is both beautiful and brutal and should always be respected.