Moose Loose In The House

This is a story that came to me by an email chain and it really gave me that nice warm and fuzzy feeling.  There are good people in this world who will help any time they can.  The media wouldn’t like you to know that.  They spread constant bad news.  So here is a “good news” story to offset the negativity.
This little moose got stuck in a creek and a nice guy found him and pulled him out figuring he’d run off to mommy.  Well, mommy moose was no where to be found and after a little while the little moose was back in the high running creek in trouble again.  So the nice guy pulled him out again and this time the little fellow followed him home.
The guy who saved the moose lives in a little cabin so he called a neighbor who is known for taking care of orphaned wild animals (and who has a bigger house) and she took the moose and set him up in a comfortable environment with a lost little fawn that was also rescued that year.
Great story and great job to the people who saved him.  There is hope for the human race!